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The Whalen truck scale is one of the most accurate mounted truck scales on the market. By reading the air pressure off of the air bag system on your trailer, this scale is able to give very accurate readings.  With these scales we guarantee 1% accuracy on an 80,000 pound load. This scale is also able to account for differences in the density of a your crop. Works for air ride trailers and is a 12 volt system that hooks right up within a few hours!


We take the average weight of your truck and trailer, program it into the scale and it is usually installed by a local truck shop for people who buy them or just done by the buyer themselves. 


There is currently no other product on the market to get weights with this accuracy. With the price of DOT tickets and fines, this scale could save you thousands!


Please call or email us about this product with any questions. Usually takes 3-4 weeks to get the scales in and calibrated.

  • Max reading is 100,000 pounds

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • Easy setup and installation

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